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Mountain Biking in Prescott AZ offers a variety of rides, terrains, and places to explore.  If you’re planning a weekend of cycling in the Prescott area, the big question will be what to pick, and what to miss out on.  If you’re staying here longer term, you’re in luck.  There’s plenty to do, and no shortage of trail options for your adventure!

The Whiskey Row Off Road

Mountain Bikers know of the Prescott area well.  Thanks to the high profile “Whiskey Row Off Road,” which takes place here every year, serious mountain bike racers are very familiar with all that the area has to offer.  Late Spring of each year thousands of riders descend on the city in order to test their metal on the 50+ mile loop ride.

You don’t have to be a racer to give the course a try.  And you don’t have to do it all in a day.

The Prescott Circle Trail

The newest addition to the area’s trail system connects some of the major outdoor recreation locations together.  From Granite Basin to Thumb Butte, over to White Spar and moving up to Goldwater Lake, then across to “P Mountain,” and down to the Granite Dells, and finally back to Granite Basin.  The Circle trail offers a wide variety of trail types and terrain to make for an epic one day or two day ride!

Hundreds of miles of trails

If you’re not looking to try out The Whiskey Row Off Road’s race course, and you’d rather not circumnavigate the whole city, that’s okay.  With many side trails, spur trails, and other loop opportunities you can find biking opportunities all around the City of Prescott.  The locations noted above regarding the circle trail offer short rides and long rides alike.  As we said at the beginning of this page, your toughest job will be figuring out what to ride first!

Whiskey Row Off Road Mountain Bike Race Prescott Arizona Biking

Riders for the Whiskey Row Off Road Mountain Bike Race at the ready!

Biking along the Peavine Trail


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