Mountain Spirit Gallery Virtual Tour – Prescott Arizona

Prescott’s Historic Whiskey Row is home to many interesting businesses. From restaurants to jewelers, Art Galleries to famous bars, the Row has a little something for everyone.

With several galleries to visit on Whiskey Row, Mountain Spirit Gallery has been a mainstay for quite some time now.  Featuring local painters, bronze sculptors, nationally known painters, Southwestern Photography, and more, Moutain Spirit Gallery is a fun place to pay a visit to.  The owner, Ron Evans, is a southwestern photographer with years of professional photography under his belt.  In addition to his photography, Ron plays host to some very interesting artwork.

Prescott is known for its foundries as well.  A great many pieces of bronze work come together each year in Prescott.  As visitors drive around the greater Prescott area they will find some amazing bronze works.  Take a ride by the Phippen museum some time to see one of the newest  large bronze statues at the traffic circle.

While not all bronze works fashioned in Prescott are life-sized or larger, some of the smaller pieces created in Prescott can be found at the Mountain Spirit Gallery.

The virtual tour of Mountain Spirit Gallery should give visitors to the area a good feel for what’s offered in the gallery.  From paintings by Paul Wenzel to unique southwestern pieces of art, there’s likely to be something inspiring for everyone.  Enjoy the virtual tour, and the next time you’re in Prescott be sure to stop by and say hi to Ron Evans.  He’ll be happy to show you around the gallery

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