Prescott Lakes

  • Granite Dells

    One of Prescott AZ’s treasures has to be the Granite Dells. A little over 4 miles North of downtown Prescott, the Dells offer unique granite rock formations, 2 small lakes..... Read More

  • Watson Lake Park

    Canyons, cliffs, lakes, open fields, riparian preserves, and more are all right in front of you throughout the park. If you only have one day to spend in Prescott AZ, we hope you include a visit to the Dells and Watson Lake Park.... Read More

  • Willow Lake

    Willow Lake park is part of the Granite Dells. The dells are a unique area, with amazing Granite formations. Hit the lake with your kayak, canoe, or SUP.... Read More

  • Goldwater Lake

    Goldwater is located a little ways outside of the city. Traveling south on Senator Highway you’ll quickly find yourself leaving the downtown area and making your way into thick pine forests. In a few minutes time you’ll leave all of the homes behind and .... Read More

  • Granite Basin

    From almost anywhere in town the majestic Granite Mountain can be seen in the background. Granite Mountain is a favorite hiking and climbing area for many local residents, and it’s a popular recreation area for many visitors to Prescott .... Read More

As you travel through Prescott you're sure to drive by a couple of its lakes.  Passing through the Granite Dells on hwy 89 you'll see Watson Lake or driving down Willow Creek Rd. is Willow Lake (the smaller of the two).  Both have an abundance of outdoor fun to be had.

Just a little out of town, down Senator Highway, is Goldwater Lake and on the other side of town is Granite Basin with Granite Mountain in the background.