Welcome to Explore Prescott!

Prescott Arizona is an amazing location.  Surrounded by national forests, hosting a historic downtown, and offering a multitude of activities in the area, it's an outdoor enthusiast's dream!

Many people have heard of Prescott.  Voted one of the ten best places to retire in multiple magazines year after year, people often associate the town with "retirement."  And that's accurate.  It is a great place to retire to.  But there's a lot more to the place than just retiring.

The outdoor activities here are amazing.  And that's why this website was launched in 2017.  We wanted to feature all there is to do here and share it with you.  Whether you're thinking about moving or retiring to "Everybody's Hometown," or you're just thinking about paying a visit, we've assembled Explore Prescott in order to show you all there is to do!

And with that all said, we invite you to explore the site.  From hiking, running, cycling, mountain biking, paddling, backpacking, horseback riding, rock climbing.....whew.....and more, there's something here for anyone interested in enjoying the outdoors!

A Different View of Prescott

Below are just a small sample of videos showing off the landscape and recreation opportunities Prescott has to offer.

Start of Summer in the Granite Dells and Watson Lake

It's that season again in Prescott Arizona. The summer season offers so many interesting things to do. Forest Service Parks, City Parks, events on the square, and so much more.

Virtual Tour - Courthouse Square Downtown

Tis Art Gallery Downtown Prescott

Prescott Christmas Lights - Courthouse


Highlighted Recreation Areas


Must Visit Locations in Prescott AZ

  • Granite Mountain at Granite Basin USFS Prescott Arizona Photographer Rich Charpentier
    Granite Basin
    Granite Basin – National Forest Service From almost anywhere in town the majestic Granite Mountain can be seen in the background....
  • Goldwater Lake Prescott Arizona City Park Paddling canoeing kayaking fishing
    Goldwater Lake City Park, Prescott AZ
     Goldwater Lake  Goldwater Lake, Another City of Prescott Park If you haven't noticed a trend here on Explore Prescott, here it is. ...
  • Paddle kayak Watson Lake Park in Prescott Arizona photographer Rich Charpentier
    The Granite Dells
    The Granite Dells One of Prescott AZ’s treasures has to be the Granite Dells.  A little over 4 miles North of...
  • Watson Lake High Sun Prescott Arizona Photographer Richard Charpentier
    Watson Lake
    Watson Lake Park, Prescott AZ Watson Lake park is part of the Granite Dells. The dells are a unique area, with...
  • Monsoons bring stunning sunrises and sunsets in Prescott AZ
    Willow Lake
    Willow Lake Park, Prescott AZ *Note:  Also known as Heritage Park, Prescott Arizona. Willow Lake park is part of the Granite Dells. ...
  • Thumb Butte Forest Service Prescott Arizona Photographer Rich Charpentier
    Thumb Butte
    Thumb Butte When visitors think of the Prescott AZ skyline two very distinct areas come to mind.  Granite mountain, located at...


The Prescott Circle Trail


The Circle Trail - Prescott's Newest Addition For Outdoor Enthusiasts

The City of Prescott is an amazing area to live and visit.  For years the city has boasted some amazing outdoor recreational opportunities.  From Granite Basin's Forest Service lands, to Thumb Butte, to Goldwater Lake's city park, and over to the Granite Dells with Watson and Willow Lake city parks, the city is surrounded by amazing locations to spend a day!  With trails surrounding the entire city, is it any wonder that at some point someone would have the idea to tie many of these locations together?

The Circle Trail now interconnects some of Prescott's outdoor icons.  It's more than a 50 mile circuit around the city, and passes through forest service land, private land, and city owned property as well.  Visitors looking to spend some time following the trail will be delighted with the varied landscapes offered around the city, and they'll also enjoy Prescott's year round mild temperatures.

From Granite Basin through to Thumb Butte, and beyond toward Goldwater Lake and eventually to "P" mountain, trail users will find themselves in dense pine forests.  They'll also get to see some scenic water features at both Granite Mountain and Goldwater lake.

Heading north from "P" mountain visitors will delight with the views of the Granite Dells, and Watson and Willow Lake city parks.  Just an FYI, Willow Lake is also known as "Heritage Park."  The terrain and elevation changes going through the Granite Dells is a little easier than the jaunt through the mountains offered by Granite Basin and Thumb Butte.  And the granite formations are incredibly scenic.

From Watson and Willow, trail users will cross along Embry Riddle Aeronautical University toward Granite Mountain, and Granite Basin.  No matter where you start from, or how far you go, the trail offers a great variety of terrain, offering you options for a day on a section of the Circle Trail, or for a few days circumnavigating the City.

You don't have to do it all in one day!

Remember, you don't have to push out 50 miles in a single day.  You can explore Prescott AZ at your own pace.  Mountain bikers could easily complete the circuit in a day, long distance runners too.  But this isn't a race.  The trail offers days of enjoyment, and leads you to some incredibly scenic areas.  Why not take the time to absorb it all, and give yourself a few leisurely days circling the City of Prescott?  Better yet, explore Prescott and all it has to offer over a few days!