Kayla's Hands Playground
1200 Commerce Dr.
Open 7 Days a Week  8am - 6pm

“I've known for some time what my life's work is – using my hands as tools to relieve suffering”

Kayla Mueller

This playground was built and dedicated to Prescott native, Kayla Mueller.  After graduating college, Kayla became a human rights activist and humanitarian aid worker.  In August 2013 she was kidnapped leaving a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Syria and held hostage by ISIS.  Her murder by these terrorists was announced in February of 2015.

The playground is to honor Kayla who had dedicated her life to to helping those less fortunate.

Spearheaded by the Kiwanis Club, roof supports went up and shortly after the structure was completed, providing much needed shade over the playground (April 2020).

Kayla's Hands is located next to Pioneer Park's inline hockey rink, sharing its parking lot and just a stone throw from the Pioneer Park ball fields.