Community Nature Center

1981 Williamson Valley Rd.

♦♦  OPEN 7am to Sunset All Year  ♦♦

This open space preserve is pretty well tailored to younger kids and may help peak their interest in the outdoors of Prescott, AZ.

Within the Community Nature Center(CNC) is over 1.5 miles of trails for a nice walk, hike, bird watching, and a bit of wildlife. There's also a habitat garden with 20+ species of native plants(with labeled plaques) and rain garden.

Next to the log cabin is a children's play area with a some of educational activities.

It is an open space preserve by the City of Prescott Recreation Services Department. There's plenty of exploration, education, and recreation within the boundary of the Community Nature Center.

Anyone can visit, admission and parking are FREE.  Be sure you pack plenty of water and wear sunscreen.  While the CNC is an open space preserve, it does NOT have the amenities like other Prescott parks and trails.  There are shaded benches but no ramadas, water fountains, or bathrooms(though there is a port-o-potty).

Visit the CNC website for various PDF's including trail maps, native plant guide, wildflower guide, scavenger hunts, and more!

Community Nature Center Photo Gallery