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Prescott Outdoor Photography

Prescott Arizona is an amazing place for outdoor recreation. As you've been looking through this website I'm sure you've come to the same conclusion. Hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, trail running, time on the water, and so much more.

You don't have to participate in all of these activities to enjoy yourself here. One amazing recreational opportunity in Prescott is outdoor photography. With an incredible monsoon season during the summer, actual fall temperatures during the later part of the year, snow-covered granite formations during the winter, and beautiful spring weather, there are many opportunities for photographers.

Often we’ll find photographers observing the outdoor events and creating stunning images. All the locations here that are so conducive to outdoor recreational opportunities are also conducive awesome photography. Whether you're interested in photographing landscapes or photographing people participating in the outdoor fun, there's something of interest for any photographer.

Some of the most stunning images in the world come out of the Desert Southwest. And Prescott Arizona offers incredible scenery and activities year-round. With that mind whether you're going hiking, Mountain biking, or paddling on one of the many lakes in the area, the photographic opportunities are endless.

Be sure to check out each of our recreational locations on this website. We're sure you'll find many opportunities to create truly impressive images. Recreational photography opportunities in Prescott are around every corner. And you don't just have to photograph the recreational locations. Downtown Prescott is very photogenic, and historic.

So no matter what brings you to the Prescott area be sure to have a camera handy. You'll be sorry if you don't bring something along to the amazing moments here in Northern Arizona.

Watson Lake Park in the Granite Dells, Prescott Arizona

The Granite Dells at Sunset in Monsoon Season

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All of the images are from Prescott- Watson Lake Park, Willow Lake, Downtown Prescott, and of course there's all the little critters and birds, bugs, and lizards.  Let's not forget the high desert flowers, cactus, and landscapes.  More Prescott photo galleries will be added throughout the year.


The Perfect Backdrop For Portrait Photography!


Outdoor Portrait Photography in the Granite Dells by Richard Charpentier

Portrait Photography outdoors in Prescott Arizona

You don't have to just shoot landscapes when you visit.

Outdoor Portrait Photography?

Yes indeed! When you have a backdrop like Prescott Arizona, why would you want your portraits shot indoors?

With all of the stunning locations in Prescott it’s easy to find a location to create stunning portraits. From the Granite Dells unique rock formations, to downtown Prescott’s historic district, photographers can make some incredibly compelling images. And the people who are their subjects might just appreciate taking a little walk to create a unique one of a kind image that they’ll keep with them for years to come!

So you don’t just have to focus on landscapes on your next visit. You can focus on people too….in front of the amazing landscapes!

Canon 5 D Mark II portrait photography prescott

Bring your best gear along for your next visit to Prescott.

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