Willow Lake Park, Prescott AZ

*Note:  Also known as Heritage Park, Prescott Arizona.

Willow Lake park is part of the Granite Dells.  The dells are a unique area, with amazing Granite formations.  Canyons, cliffs, lakes, open fields, riparian preserves, and more.  If you only have one day to spend in Prescott AZ, we hope you include a visit to the Dells and Willow Lake Park.

The park is accessible from Route 89 in Prescott AZ.  Coming from downtown Prescott you'll be driving North on Route 89.  You'll see the Granite Dells in the distance as you approach from downtown.  There's even a pull off on the highway where you'll often find many visitors to the area stopping in and taking pictures.  We don't recommend this area for parking.  Continue North from the pull off and you'll soon reach a traffic circle which offers access to the full day parking area at Willow Lake Park.
There is a parking fee at the park, and an automated kiosk to receive a parking pass for the day.  If you plan on visiting the park often the city does offer extended passes which will save you a lot of money in the long run!  If you're only up for a day or two, the day passes are worth the expense.

Things to do at Willow Lake Park

The video on this page covers most of the recreational opportunities available at Willow Lake Park, but we'll include a quick run down of the main features at the park.

  • A boat launch available at the park.  Kayaking, canoeing, fishing are all fun things to do while visiting.
  • Hiking Trails around the park.  The Prescott Circle Trail runs right through Willow Lake Park.  There are also many trails around the park, and a full loop trail if you're feeling adventurous and looking to hike several miles.
  • Mountain Biking Trails.  Many of the hiking trails are also open to Mountain Bikers as well.  From single track to wide open well graded trails, the park offers something to all skill levels.
  • Covered Picnic Areas.  If you're looking to spend the day at Willow Lake there are many covered areas for group picnics.
  • Children's Play area.  Swings, slides, and safe fun for your little ones.
  • Covered Gazebo at the top of the park.  You'll often see wedding parties, graduation parties, and family events.  You can reserve the gazebo for your special occasion with the City of Prescott.
  • A Zoo right at the entrance of the park!
  • Incredible scenery where ever you look.  This is a rare gem to be sure, and there are very few places across the country with such an incredible city park!

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