Thumb Butte

When visitors think of the Prescott AZ skyline two very distinct areas come to mind.  Granite mountain, located at Granite Basin, and Thumb Butte.  Driving into town you can’t miss the unique formation.

In this forest service area visitors are offered some amazing trails, and amazing views of the greater Prescott Area.  The Whiskey Row Off Road Mountain Bike race crosses through this forest service land.  And the Prescott Circle Trail also pays a visit to the national forest as well.

Hiking, cycling, and light hiking opportunities abound around the unique mountain.  And the trail up to the top is a must visit if you’d like to get a bird’s eye view of the entire area.  On a clear day you can see the peaks in Flagstaff Arizona from the top, as well as amazing views of the mountains surrounding the Prescott area.

We’ve added a video from our friends at AZ High Altitude Training, showing off the section of the Prescott Circle trail that passes through this unique forest service location.

Trail Maps and more information

The Prescott Forest Service website contains information about Thumb Butte.  To learn more from the Forest Service, operating hours, and trails in the area please visit their site.

To download the latest trail map for Thumb Butte (in PDF format), click here.

The Prescott Circle Trail and Thumb Butte



National Forest Access is easy in Prescott AZ!