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Tour Prescott from anywhere the internet reaches you.  Use these virtual tours of Prescott to help plan your next visit to the area.

From Historic Whiskey Row to Granite Basin, each virtual tour will give you ideas about the must see locations for you and your family  Outdoor activities, shows on the courthouse square, yearly events, and more.  We'll be updating this page regularly, so be sure to pop by often.

The tours presented here have been created with the latest 360 technology, along with drone imagery as well.  We're aiming to provide some extremely unique views of the area.

Is there a special location you'd like to see? It doesn't necessarily need to be Prescott-based.  If it's cool, we want to see it.  This website was made for you, not us, so please let us know if there's a place that deserves a Prescott Virtual Tour.  Drop us a suggestion or comment via our simple contact form.

Whiskey Row

Prescott Elks Theater

Courthouse Square Holiday Lights

Courthouse Square

Tis Art Gallery

The Granite Dells

One of Prescott's iconic locations, the Granite Dells features a unique set of granite rock formations.  The Dells are an excellent recreational area for everyone.  Hiking trails, cycling trails, places to kayak, picnic areas, and more.  But you don't have to sit here and read all about the Dells.  Just take a look at the 2 virtual tours we've created for you.

In addition to the 2 city parks located in the Dells there are also camping & RV'ing opportunities.  So be sure to check out the area and make plans for your next visit to Prescott.

Willow Lake

Watson Lake

Prescott City Parks

In addition to the amazing parks at Willow and Watson Lakes in the Granite Dells, Prescott also boasts many other city parks.  From Downtown Prescott to the northern edge of the city limits, Prescott's park system surpasses many cities of a similar size.

Family friendly parks can be found throughout the Prescott area.  There are many parks with a variety of sports fields and other recreation as well.  Children's parks, an outdoor roller rink, large Baseball fields, tennis, pickle ball, and more.  And many of these parks tie into the trail systems surrounding Prescott as well.

In addition to the amazing city parks, the city of Prescott also created "The Circle Trail," which rings around the city.  You can take a short hike or bike ride on the trail, or you can do a full circuit of the trail as well.  The trail passes through or near several of the city parks, allowing visitors to get a flavor for the many recreation options available in the city.  The circle trail goes through both Watson & Willow Lakes parks, passes close to Pioneer Park, and also Goldwater Lake.  So while you already have many options at each of the city parks, you've got even more options than you first thought!

Pioneer Park

Kayla's Hands

Granite Creek Park

Goldwater Lake