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Prescott Running Trails

With over 300 miles of trails available close to town, Prescott is the perfect getaway for trail runners. Pack up your bag and head out to one of the many trailheads that connects to our amazing network of trails. If you like non-technical single track in the middle of the pines, you are in for a treat. The Prescott National Forest offers hundreds of miles leading to scenic vistas all around town. If you prefer a technical run in the middle of beautiful red boulders, the Prescott Dells are the perfect destination.

Most of the trails are mixed use trails. So while enjoying your time in Prescott, be sure to be aware of other trail users. Mountain bikes and horseback riders can be found on many of the trails available to runners, so stay alert while you enjoy your time here!

Prescott has an active running community with events organized year long. Check out the local club, the Mountain Milers as well as the any upcoming local races/runs in and around the Prescott area. As always, it's a good idea to double check any official websites related to the event you're interested in just in case there's been any changes.

While we would love to document all 130+ running trails in the Prescott area, we just don't have the time or staff for the undertaking of such a massive project. However, we came across a fabulous website that is more than adequate. We have no affiliation with them on any level, we're simply in love with their information and easy use.

They're called Trail Run Project. Rather than sing their accolades, click their name or the image of their website and visit the website to see for yourselves how crowd-sourcing has helped create some of the best trail mapping information found in one place.

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 “At Trail Run Project, our job and our goal are the same — to curate guidebook-quality information that inspires runners like you to plan an adventure with confidence using the most accurate data available.”

--Trail Run Project about page--
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