Prescott Arizona is for Runners!


Running in Prescott

With over 300 miles of trails available close to town, Prescott is the perfect getaway for trail runners. Pack up your bag and head out to one of the many trailheads that connects to our amazing network of trails. If you like non-technical single track in the middle of the pines, you are in for a treat. The Prescott National Forest offers hundreds of miles leading to scenic vistas all around town. If you prefer a technical run in the middle of beautiful red boulders, the Prescott Dells are the perfect destination.

Most of the trails are mixed use trails.  So while enjoying your time in Prescott, be sure to be aware of other trail users.  Mountain bikes and horseback riders can be found on many of the trails available to runners, so stay alert while you enjoy your time here!

Prescott has an active running community with events organized year long. Check out the local club, the Mountain Milers as well as the High-Altitude Training Institute (Facebook / Website) that puts on regular running-related events in Prescott.


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High-Altitude Training Institute

The High-Altitude Training Institute offers runs and hiking activities in the beautiful trails of Northern Arizona. Their goal is to help you achieve your goal. And they’ve gone to great lengths so that you’ll have fun doing it. In addition to running camps, you can explore the Prescott Circle Trail with a 3-day guided running tour or a 5-day guided hiking tour. You will explore the 56 miles of beautiful trails surrounding the town.

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