Recreation videos from Prescott AZ

Reading about the recreational opportunities in an area is one thing.  Seeing what things look like is another!  The video section of our site will continue to be updated as Explore Prescott grows.  So be sure to check back here often.  What types of videos will you see?

  • Sections of the Prescott Circle Trail
  • Unique recreation locations surrounding the city
  • Mountain biking videos
  • Hiking videos
  • Trail Running videos
  • Water front, and on the water
  • Climbing in Prescott and the surrounding areas

More will be coming as well.  This site was launched September of 2017.  We'll be sure to continue adding new and unique videos of all the outdoor activities in Prescott that you can enjoy!

If you're looking for an amazing trail running challenge, Prescott's Granite Dells may offer exactly what you're looking for.  Miles of trails, incredible scenery, and something you probably haven't seen before!

Click here to visit Trail Run Project and take a look at the maps and various routes they have to offer for the area.