Goldwater Lake


Goldwater Lake, Another City of Prescott Park

If you haven't noticed a trend here on Explore Prescott, here it is.  The City of Prescott maintains some pretty amazing parks throughout the community.  Not just parks interconnected by the Circle Trail, but parks throughout the greater Prescott area.  Baseball fields, soccer, a outdoor roller blading area, and a lot more.  The area is full of recreational opportunities, and Goldwater Lake is just one of the many gems you'll find here.

Goldwater is located a little ways outside of the city.  Traveling south on Senator Highway you'll quickly find yourself leaving the downtown area and making your way into thick pine forests.  In a few minutes time you'll leave all of the homes behind and you'll feel like you're heading into a real wilderness.  And after a very short trip out of town you'll see signs for Goldwater Lake.

Like Watson Lake, Willow Lake, and the Peavine Trail head parking, Goldwater Lake offers day passes and yearly passes as well.  At the time of this writing the day pass is only $3.00.  Not bad for a park that offers a lot of family friendly activities.

There are picnic tables throughout the park under the shade of the tall pines.  A beautiful lake can be the backdrop of your next family picnic or gatherings.  There's a large pavilion area as well in case you're bringing the whole extended family.  Trails lead off in all directions, and you can connect with the Circle Trail easily from this park.  Visitors can also rent canoes and kayaks like several other parks in the area.  And of course, fishing is a big subject for locals visiting the park.

Park Amenities

  • Picnic tables throughout the park.
  • A Pavilion area for larger groups.
  • Views of the lake throughout the park.
  • Seasonal Canoe and Kayak rentals on the weekends.
  • Fishing.
  • Hiking trails around the lake.  Also a connection trail to the Circle Trail.
  • Mountain Bike trails outside of the main park.
  • Restroom facilities.
  • Soda machines.

Goldwater Lake is part of the Bradshaw Ranger District which is within the Prescott National Forest. While no camping is allowed at the park, there are several "dry campsites" and other camping options nearby. Click here for more info.

Lower Goldwater Lake is now OPEN to the public for the first time in a long time!

2022 Lower Goldwater Lake - Prescott, AZ

Upper Goldwater Lake- A Virtual Tour