Camping in Prescott Arizona


With all of the outdoor recreation opportunities in Prescott AZ, one would expect a lot of camping opportunities in the area as well. And fortunately, you won’t be disappointed.

Public Camping

Lynx Lake, White Spar Campground, and Granite Basin offer camping in Forest Service land. Camping within the pines for tenters and RV’ers alike. Each location has a lot to offer, and you’ll be staying in some of the most recommended outdoor recreation locations in the area.

Yavapai Campground - Granite Basin

Yavapai campground is located within the Granite Basin Recreation area. It’s a short drive into town from here, so you’re still near all the services you might require, but you’ll definitely feel a lot further from town! The campground offers 19 single occupancy campsites, and two double occupancy campsites as well. Sites 4, 16, and 21 are walk in only and cannot be reserved. Some of the sites offer space for RV’s, with a maximum limit of 25 feet. Check their website for further information on camping here.

White Spar Campground:

White Spar is only 2.7 miles from Downtown Prescott, but you wouldn’t know it. Camping nestled in the dense pines. White Spar is open year round, but limited site availability during the winter season. Campsites are designed for RVs, trailers, and test camping. In total, White Spar offers 52 single occupancy sites, and 4 double occupancy sites. Some campsite driveways allow for an extra vehicle, while many sites limit parking to the camping unit only. Like Granite Basin, no hookups are available for RVs so you’ll be camping self contained. There is also no dump station at the campground. Click here for more information.

Lynx Lake Campground

This campground is located about 7 miles from Downtown Prescott. The campground is located next to Lynx Lake, and like Yavapai and White Spar Campgrounds, you’ll find yourself nestled in dense pines as well. The campground offers 35 campsites. Camping is available for tenters and RV’ers, but you should check ahead of time regarding the size of your RV. Like the other forest service campgrounds there are no hookups available for RV’ers. So you will be dry camping here as well. There is also no dump station located at the campground for RV’ers. For further information visit here.

Watson Lake City Park

Watson Lake also offers seasonal camping in a small section of the City Park. You’ll be camping in the Granite Dells, located next to some amazing rock formations, and close to the lake as well. You should be certain to check whether or not the campground is open (usually late Spring through early Fall). Since year round camping and hookups aren’t available, it’s best to be sure before making plans.

Granite Basin Camping Prescott Arizona

Granite Basin Yavapai Campground Prescott AZ

One of the larger sites located at the Yavapai Campground, Granite Basin National Forest Prescott AZ

Private Campgrounds in Prescott

Private Camping

There are several privately owned campgrounds in the Prescott area as well. One of the choice locations has to be Point of Rocks RV Campground located in the Granite Dells. It’s located right next to Watson Lake Park, offers full hookups (Water, Sewer, Electric), and is open to the public year round. Given the park’s location, it’s very busy year round so you should call ahead for reservations to be sure they have a spot available for you.

There are trails leading right out of the campground into the Granite Dells, and there’s also a trail on the upper loop of the park that leads down to Watson Lake, and also connects to the new Prescott Circle Trail.

We’ll add more private camping information as we get reports from other visitors to the Prescott area and their experiences with the other private camping locations.