Hiking Trails in Prescott Arizona

There are many great locations for hiking in Prescott.  If you'd like to take a walk on top of granite formations, you're covered.  Looking to walk among the pines?  The area offers that as well.  Want to enjoy a relaxing stroll near water features?  Well, Prescott offers that as well.

Varied terrain, low impact hiking, and trails for beginners and experts alike.  That's what you can expect if you pay a visit intending on hiking in Prescott.

Pick almost any direction from downtown and you'll quickly find somewhere to hike.  South on 89 you can stop into the White Spar National Forest camping area, a great location to access the Circle Trail.  Head west of the downtown area and you'll find yourself out near Thumb Butte (which you can see from dowtown).  Northwest you'll find Granite Mountain, and the Granite Basin National forest area, with trails galore.  4 miles north of town you'll find yourself in the Granite Dells.  And if you drive out toward Route 17 you'll come across the Lynx Lake National Forest area.  Prescott is truly surrounded by amazing hiking opportunities!

Hiking Trails in the area

As noted above, the trails here vary.  From walking along rock formations to heading off into dense pine forests, the area offers a mix for all skills and abilities.  As Explore Prescott grows we'll be adding trail reports from each trail in the area.  Remember, the trails are often mixed use so you'll be sharing your outdoor experience with mountain bikers and horseback riders alike.

Be sure to get the Prescott Trails map from the City.  Click here to download a PDF copy of the trails map.

Please visit our Popular Hiking Trails page and our Willow & Watson Lake Trails page for more great hiking ideas.

Hiking Opportunities Abound!

A recent hike found us visiting Goldwater Lake.  We took a 5 mile hike from Goldwater to White Spar along the Circle Trail.  This walk is only one example of great hiking in Prescott AZ!  Keep watching the site for more hikes from scenic locations throughout the area.

Great locations for taking a walk!

Some of our favorite locations for taking a hike around Prescott include the following parks and recreation areas.  Take a scenic tour, or make some miles at over 6,000 feet above sea level.

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