Goldwater Lake Virtual Tour – Another Prescott City Park Virtual Tour

If you can’t tell by now, Prescott has a lot of unique city parks.  Small parks in town, large complexes with many recreation opportunities, places to hike, places to bike, and even a few small lakes to paddle.  What’s interesting is the different environments available to visitors in a small area.  In the case of Goldwater Lake?

Well, Goldwater is located in a pine forest at a higher level than downtown Prescott.  Visitors will find themselves near a small lake that happens to be a very popular fishing spot.  You’ll also find yourself in and out of the shadows all day long as the tree cover provides some really nice shade year round.  Picnic tables abound, there’s even a larger covered picnic area for groups (reservations required).  There is a playscape for children as well, and even a volley ball area.  Finally, visitors can also rent kayaks and get out on the water (rentals are available on certain days so be sure to check beforehand).

Goldwater Lake is also a great launching point on the Prescott Circle Trail.  For hikers and mountain bikers you can explore parts of the Circle Trail.  You don’t have to do the whole thing in a day, and doing sections of the trail is a lot of fun.  With the pine forest and rugged terrain, Goldwater Lake offers a lot for explorers to enjoy on the circle trail!

When you’re planning your visit to Prescott be sure to check out all of our Prescott Virtual Tours.  We’re building an updated virtual tour webpage here on Explore Prescott that you can see by clicking this link.  The page currently showcases The Courthouse Square, Whiskey Row, Cortez Street, Watson Lake, Willow Lake, Pioneer Park, Granite Creek Park, Kayla’s Hands, and Goldwater Lake.  We’ll continue adding new virtual tours here on this site, so be sure to check back regularly to see more places to visit in Prescott Arizona.

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