Add Something New To Your ‘Things To Do In Prescott’ List

How about taking a ride on an electric bike(Ebike)?

The Peavine Trail is scenic and unique with many residents taking advantage of Prescott’s most popular trail.  Nearly any given day time hour you’ll see someone utilizing the Peavine; bird watching, running, walking, biking, and even horseback riding.  But don’t forget about the Iron King Trail that branches off of the Peavine.

Are you one of those people?  Have you gotten out to enjoy the entire 5.2 miles of the Peavine or the 4.1 miles of the Iron King Trail?  It can be a bit much for a full round-trip, especially in these Prescott summer temps.  So why not minimize your exertion and hit the trails on an ebike.  Literally cruise the trails.

Did you know there’s an ebike rental business(locally owned and family operated) in Prescott?  Prescott Ebike Rentals & Tours makes it super easy to take on the popular Prescott trails. You pick your bike, book your time, pick the trail, and show up.  They bring the bike to you and pick them up when you’re done.

Prescott Ebike offers rentals/tours from a short 1 hour ride to a full day.  So you can keep it simple with a partial trail ride or bump it up a notch and experience both trails in full plus have a nice picnic lunch at Watson Lake Park.

If you’re visiting Prescott or a local with friends and/or family in town this would be a great outdoor activity.  Show them we’re more than Whiskey Row.  Going down the Peavine past Watson Lake and through the unique rock formations and beauty of the Granite Dells is like experiencing a summary of Prescott’s outdoors.  Lake-✅.  Wildlife-✅.  Local trail-✅.  Cool rock formations unique to only a handful of places in the world-✅.  Relaxing ride-✅.

Visit our Sponsors Page and view the video Explore Prescott made for our fabulous new sponsor Prescott Ebike.

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