2 sections of the Circle Trail you can skip

Hiking in Prescott, Mountain Biking, Trail Running, in Prescott AZ

Hiking in Prescott, Mountain Biking, Trail Running, in Prescott AZ Near the Circle TrailContinuing with our series on sections of the Prescott Circle Trail, we decided to do something a little different.  We’ve started featuring 5 mile sections of the trail for visitors who might not have the time to do the entire trail on their next visit to the area.  While there are many recommended sections, there are also that don’t offer as much to visitors.  The purpose of some parts of the trail is simply to connect to the next interesting area.

With that in mind, are there areas that aren’t so super interesting?  If you’re looking for a great weekend hike, run, or mountain bike ride, should you take a pass on a few parts of the Prescott Circle Trail?


The video accompanying this post describes two legs of the trail that might not be interesting to all.  The overall trail is amazing, but there are areas that are less interesting than others.  Granite Basin, Thumb Butte, Wolverton Mountain, Quartz Mountain, White Spar, Goldwater Lake, and more….  These are interesting areas worth a visit.  But two areas stand out for this author when it comes to segments you can take a pass on.

The first section that wasn’t so scenic was from Willow Lake over to Granite Basin.  8 miles of trail / road time that seems to serve the purpose of connecting one stunning area to the next.  The second section has to be Sundog Trail coming from Route 69 down to the trailhead of the Peavine Trail.  Both of these sections were pretty uninspiring for this author.  While it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit these parts, if you have a limited time in Prescott we believe you would be better off looking at the other major points along the trail.


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