The Peavine Trail Prescott AZ – Bike, Hike, Run, and Relax

A stop along the Peavine Trail Mountain Bike Ride Prescott AZ
Peavine Trail Loop Ride Mountain Bike Hike or run this railroad grade trail Granite Dells

Follow the red arrows to see the ride we did this morning.

Located in the Granite Dells next to Watson Lake Park, visitors to Prescott will find a fun trail for all.  Take a short hike, break out your mountain bike, bring along some cameras and binoculars for bird watching…..whatever you’d like to do.  The Peavine Trail follows an old railroad grade through the Granite Dells.  You don’t have to be a seasoned hiker, runner, or mountain bike enthusiast to enjoy this trail!  It really is accessible to all visitors.

For our most recent visit to the Peavine Trail a mountain bike was used to quickly cover a ride along the trail.  The map included here shows the route selected for riding the trail.  Departing Point of Rocks campground and heading north we quickly cycled through a few home sites in the dells and found ourselves at what most would consider the end of the Peavine.  In the case of this ride, it was the beginning of the trail for us.

The normal trail head parking is at the southern end of the trail right off of Prescott Lakes Parkway.  The official parking area is close to the Yavapai Humane Society’s location, and the parking area is one of the City of Prescott park locations that charges a fee for day use.  $3 per day, and the pass is good for all of the city parks that charge for parking.  So the pass is valid for Watson Lake, Willow Lake (aka Heritage Park), Goldwater Lake, and the Peavine Trail.

The total trip for this loop ride was 6.9 miles.  And we didn’t cover the entire trail since we decided to make a loop ride.  The trail itself is listed as 5.5 miles (from the parking area to its terminus).  And the loop map here cuts out the section headed to the parking area, which is okay as it’s the least scenic section of the trail.  🙂

Along this ride the Watson Lake Loop trail intersects as well.  If you’re interested in visiting Watson Lake while you’re in the area you can easily hop on to the loop trail and enjoy parts of the Peavine Trail as well.  You can make a full day out of your visit!

No matter when you visit and set out on the trail, be ready to meet other trail users.  This is a popular location for visitors and locals alike.  You will come across runners, hikers, photographers, and people just relaxing along the trail.  Be respectful of other users, and if you’re on a mountain bike be ready to slow down when you come across groups of people enjoying the scenery and not watching out for you!

The video below shows some of the scenery along the trail.  The best suggestion we can offer is to take your time, enjoy the scenery around you, and appreciate a truly unique area in Prescott AZ!

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