Rental House Hunting In Prescott AZ

There’s a lot on the Internet about moving to Prescott Arizona.  It’s a hot spot for many people looking to retire in a historic and breathtaking location.  Personally, I discovered Prescot in 2007 and decided to stay.  The locals told me when I first moved here that the area was changing dramatically.  And they were correct.

Today we find the greater Prescott area expanding in a very large way.  Many new housing developments are popping up all over the place.  New communities on the Northern side of Prescott are springing up faster than Google Maps can keep up.  It’s certainly something interesting to see.

Unfortunately, Prescott’s rental market is pretty tight compared to the new home builds.  When a rental home goes up for rent it’s usually snapped up with a few days.  I know this because we’re currently hunting for a new residence ourselves.  Last weekend our landlords let us know they’ll be moving soon, and they’re selling their properties in the area.  So in the next month and a half we need to find a home and get ourselves moved.

As a new feature here at Explore Prescott, we’re going to take you along for the rental house hunt.  So far we’ve only visited a few homes for rent.  One we were interested in was snatched up the same day it was listed online.  Yes, a tight market indeed.

For our first house visit 2 days ago we popped over to the “Diamond Valley” area to look at a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom.  Compared to many other listings we’ve come across, this one was actually reasonably priced.  $1500 per month.  It wasn’t actually in the greatest condition unfortunately, and the back yard was literally full of animal droppings.  I mean full!  And after touring through the home I found myself needing a good hot shower.

Below you’ll find a quick 360 virtual tour of the home interior.  The floors have been redone, and there’s a fresh coat of paint inside, but you can tell this has been a well lived in house.  We’re taking a pass on it.

Note, this 360 tour isn’t an example of work we’d do for a realtor or homeowner.  This was a “quickie” tour where I did no edits to the images at all.  So this is an example of the Ricoh Theta Z1’s HDR mode.  Going forward we’ll try to get some unique views of the homes we’re touring and share them here with you.

Wish us luck on the house hunt!

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