Tis Art Gallery New Prescott Virtual Tour in 2021

We’re already well into 2021 here at Explore Prescott.  And we’ve recently resumed doing new Virtual Tours of Prescott for the new year.

Today’s Prescott Tour takes us to the Tis Art Gallery, located on Cortez Street right across from the Courthouse Plaza.  The gallery building is 3 stories high, so it stands out compared to many other buildings in town.  The first floor and the mezzanine feature multiple art displays, with different shows coming in and out regularly.  The second floor actually hosts private office suites in the historic building.  And the third floor offers an activities hall for events like family reunions, weddings, and more.  This historic building offers visitors to the area some unique art, and a wonderfully restored part of Prescott’s history.

For visitors to the area, there are many galleries throughout the town.  If you enjoy a mix of artistic styles and mediums, you’ll probably find yourself with a full day or two just visiting the galleries and artistic installations.  Be sure to set some time aside for your visit to Tis while you take in historic downtown Prescott.

We hope you enjoy this virtual tour of the Tis Gallery, and that you get a feel for the place before you visit in person.  Feel free to look around the whole tour, visit the Mezzanine, the second floor, and the third floor as well “virtually.”

If you’re looking to learn more about Tis please feel free to stop by their main website.  Click here to visit the Tis Website.

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