Pioneer Park – Prescott Virtual Tour

Prescott Pioneer Park Virtual Tour

For today’s Virtual Tour in Prescott Arizona we’re going to pay a visit to Pioneer Park.  This recreation area is an incredibly large installation featuring multiple activities.  Pioneer Park has something for everyone.  Adults and children all have features to entertain them!

At the entrance to Pioneer Park visitors will find something incredibly unique.  An outdoor Roller Rink is one of the first features you’ll notice when pulling in.  The rink is open to the public, so if you’ve got your roller blades hands you can definitely have some fun!

Behind the Roller Rink is a children’s playground called “Kayla’s Hands.”  It’s a covered playground, so even during the summer the kids can be out of the direct sun.  The playground features a soft surface for the safety of your kids, and offers just about everything they might want.  A slide, zipline, swings, and much more!

Going further into the park visitors will see multiple shaded picnic areas as they make their way toward the fields.  So you can plan a family outing for the day, and enjoy the shaded picnic sites as well.

The main fields at Pioneer Park offer 4 baseball diamonds.  There are additional fields for soccer and other sports, but the baseball diamonds really stand out!  In the center of the diamonds is a sports complex with concession areas.  Those aren’t open all the time, so don’t depend on them for meals while visiting the park.  Best to pack along some goodies.

There are a few regular leagues that play in the fields.  But normally there’s access for anyone to enjoy the baseball diamonds and open fields.

Across the street from the main park there’s a pickle ball court, parking, and trailhead parking as well that accesses Prescott’s Circle Trail.  We didn’t include those areas on this virtual tour as the pickle ball courts were full of players during our visit, and we didn’t want to disturb them.

For your next visit to Prescott, be sure to check out Pioneer Park!

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