Willow Lake Park Virtual Tour – Prescott Arizona

Willow Lake is another Prescott City Park located in the Granite Dells.  It’s “right around the corner” from Watson Lake and the Prescott Circle Trail connects both Willow and Watson Lake.

Like Watson Lake, Willow offers a small boat launch, multiple covered picnic areas, a historic archeology site, and miles of trails for visitors to explore.  Visitors can enjoy the park on the water, hiking through the dells, and enjoying a variety of mountain biking opportunities as well.  Additionally, there are a few baseball fields located right outside of the main park area as well.  There is also a small zoo open to the public!

Willow Lake is not as popular on the week days as Watson Lake is.  So if you’re interested in a quieter park in the Granite Dells you might find Willow Lake a little more appealing.  Or if you’re an ambitious hiker, trail runner, or mountain biker, you can spend the day exploring both parks and the trails they offer.

The park is approximately 4 miles north of downtown Prescott.  If you’re in town for a limited time, you can still visit both parks easily in a day, and still get into town to experience historic Whiskey Row and everything else the city has to offer.  Also, keep in mind that there are more city parks and forest service parks to enjoy in the area!  Granite Basin, Thumb Butte, Goldwater Lake, and Lynx Lake are other locations you might enjoy exploring as well!

As with all of our other Prescott Virtual Tours, this 360 tour will get new images and videos added to it over time.  So be sure to check back regularly to see what’s been updated!

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