The Promised Land Climbing Area

Promised Land Canyon climbing area in Chino Valley AZ

To the North of Prescott Arizona is the town of Chino Valley.  Chino, Prescott Valey, and Prescott make up the “Tri-City” area, so we’re happy to share more outdoor recreation opportunities in the surrounding towns.  And Chino offers some amazing climbing opportunities.

Driving out into the open high country of Arizona, intrepid climbers may find the canyon known as “The Promised Land.”  It’s not an easy canyon to find, there are no marked roads out on the double track dirt roads.  Locals have shared directions for years, and recently a few online websites have posted details about getting there.

If you manage to find your way out to the canyon your persistence will be rewarded.  A hidden canyon with multiple climbing routes awaits you.  Bolted routes can be found throughout the canyon, and trad routes are just waiting to be discovered.  Beyond just the incredible climbs, visitors to the area have an enjoyable hike to look forward to.  Well, the hike will be enjoyable if it’s been dry for a while.  During the summer monsoon season, many parts of the canyon become inaccessible.  So be sure to pay attention to the weather.

Flying the canyon

Recently two members of Explore Prescott had another type of adventure at the Promised Land.  Years of hiking the canyon always leaves you wanting a new perspective.  So for our recent adventure, we brought two DJI Mavic Pro drones along with us.  There was no one else in the canyon, so we were sure we wouldn’t disturb anyone’s climbing.   Walking into the canyon we started looking at favorite climbs, and scenes that might be of interest from the air.  What came out of our visit was a fun video of the area (found below this article).

The canyon has some interesting twists and turns and offers some challenging drone flying opportunities.  I was left wondering how well advanced pilots would handle the canyon walls, trees, and brush.  The canyon could be quite the challenge for pilots wanting to try something new.

If you’re visiting the Prescott area, and you’re looking for new climbing challegnes, you might want to look into the Promised Land.  And if you’re interested in drone piloting in a unique area far from crowds or controlled airspace, this might be a great destination for you as well!



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