Prescott Elks Theater – Take 1

Several weeks ago we had the privilege of visiting the historic Elks Theater in downtown Prescott. About a decade ago the theater had quite the renovation.

In this virtual tour visitors will be walked through the entry way of the theater, the main theater both and the balcony seating as well.  We also had the opportunity to visit the “Green Rooms” where performers get ready to take the stage.

What many visitors to Prescott and the Theater don’t know is that there is more to the historic building than just the Theater.  In addition to the performance area there’s a whole other section of the building!  Several dance studios are also housed in the building.  And a full recording studio is located at the Elks as well.  On the third floor there’s a dining hall, kitchen, and several other large function rooms!  It really can be considered an entire performing arts center!

At the moment we were only able to visit the main theater area.  But in the near future we’ll be documenting that part of the building as well.  So stay tuned and pop back by to see part 2 of the virtual tour.

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  1. Awesome views of the inside of a building I’ve only ever seen the outside of. Would love to take a tour some day or see a performance there – thanks so much for sharing this. Anyone who enjoys beautiful historic buildings would love this – great you can see everything floor to ceiling

  2. You’ve captured the “feel” of this incredible theatre. What a tour – the memories of so many wonderful performances flooded back with each architectural turn. We’ll be watching it over and over again.

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