Prescott Courthouse Event Weekend Virtual Tour

Prescott Virtual Tour of the Courthouse

Explore Prescott hasn’t seen any updates in quite a while.  We’ve been working on other projects with clients in the Prescott area.  But we’ll be updating the site more often in 2020.

While we’ve all been living with social distancing, self quarantines, and managing our lives through the Covid crisis, we realized that we might be able to help visitors make plans for future visits with some virtual tours of the area.  So on June 13th, we headed into Prescott to test out setting up a virtual tour of the Courthouse Plaza.  What we didn’t realize was there was an Arts and Crafts show going on for the weekend!  While we had wanted to just show off the courthouse plaza, we decided to do a test virtual tour with the show going on.

Explore Prescott is currently testing out several software platforms for doing virtual tours in the area.  So you’ll see the tours evolve over the course of 2020.  This post features today’s first test below.

Let us know what you think of our first virtual tour testing.  As we work with additional software platforms we’ll let you get a look at them here as well.  If you have a favorite be sure to let us know.

In the meantime, feel free to take a short tour around the Courthouse Plaza on an event weekend.  You can move the panoramas around, click-through links to additional scenes, and see what it’s like on an early morning event weekend here in Prescott.

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