Over the winter of 2017 / 2018 Explore Prescott will be adding to our “Other Recreation” page.  Currently it will appear a little “dormant.”  Why is that?

Explore Prescott’s primary focus is on the outdoor activities available to residents and visitors to the area.  There are many many websites promoting the businesses in downtown Prescott, lodging, and real estate.  Do a simple search on Prescott AZ and you’ll find loads of information about all of the happenings downtown.

The intent of this website is pretty simple.  Show off the amazing recreation that makes Prescott such an amazing location.  People want to move here for all the area has to offer.  And Explore Prescott will be showcasing what you can do outside with maps, videos, trail reports and more.  So that’s our main focus for the Fall of 2017.

Check back on this page in 2018 and you’ll be sure to find new and unique information not related to all of the outdoor adventures you can have here.  In the meantime, check out our latest news and trail reports, videos from the recreational activities you can take part in here, and learn more about the must visit recreational locations!


Monsoons in the Granite Dells Watson Lake and Willow Lake photographer Rich Charpentier

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