The Old Silver Mine

Silver Mine off-road Adventure Prescott Arizona

Explore Prescott Arizona Old Silver Mine Off-roading adventureA short distance from downtown Prescott there’s a hidden gem driving south out-of-town. Follow Senator highway, pass by Goldwater lake and continue driving past Groom Creek. You’ll find yourself on a dirt road heading out to Walker and Crown King. And along the drive you’ll come upon the old silver mine.

It’s a unique location to be sure. Nestled among the Pines and below the road you’re driving on a steel frame structure rises off the mountainside. If you’re not paying attention you’ll miss it. But if you are paying attention it’s a must visit location. Whether you’re interested in a day hike, or having some photo fun, the silver mine worth a visit for sure.

This location has been a favorite of mine for unique photo sessions. It’s also been a lot of fun for portrait photography as well. A small running stream, an old steel structure, and an abandoned mine. For many photographers this is an absolute find.

The area is also popular with off-road enthusiasts. On the weekends you’ll be sure to find four-wheelers coming and going along the dirt road. Before you reach the silver mine there are also some great campsites near Groom Creek. We’ve seen RVs, travel trailers, truck campers, and tents almost every weekend. Whether you’re interested in a secluded camping spot are fun off Road adventure this area has a lot to offer.

Recently I’ve been revisiting the area to practice my drawing photography and drone cinematography. I’ve rented off rotors and families alike. And everyone I’ve come across is always having a good time.

So if you’re in the area and you want to see something truly unique consider visiting the old abandoned Silver mine. I promise it’s worth the trip, and if you’re a photographer I’m certain you’ll come away with some unique images with every visit!

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