Off-Roading near Prescott Arizona!

Off-roading Adventures near Chino Valley Arizona

Off-roading adventures west of Granite Basin National Forest Service Tonto RoadWhile you can’t say Prescott is known as an off-roading paradise, there are a lot of options for people interested in off-road recreation. In almost any direction from downtown Prescott you can find places for dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, and quads.

Chino valley Arizona offers many great off-road opportunities off of Perkinsville Road. Visitors to that area can spend days exploring. They can also ride from Chino to Williams Arizona almost entirely off-road. Additionally in that area off-roaders can explore several trails that bring them to some beautiful red rocks that have a bonus feature…. No houses built into them!

Near the Granite Basin Forest service area you’ll find the Alto camping and OHRV recreation area. While off-road vehicles aren’t allowed in the main Granite Basin Forest service location, there are plenty of trails around the area for visitors to explore. Also going further west of Granite Basin brings visitors toward Skull Valley Arizona which also offers many unique off-road experiences.

South of town there’s many off-road opportunities as well. You can explore the back roads and Forest Service roads south of Groom Creek on your way to Walker and Crown King. Gorgeous mountain views, winding dirt roads, in a sense of true adventure. The area has a lot to offer.

So if you’re into off-roading adventures be sure to pay Prescott a visit. There’s plenty to do in the area, and visit on your dirt bikes and 4WD vehicles!

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