Monsoon season in the Granite Dells 2017

Monsoons in the Granite Dells Watson Lake and Willow Lake photographer Rich Charpentier
Monsoons in the Granite Dells Watson Lake and Willow Lake photographer Rich Charpentier

September 12th, 2017 in the Granite Dells looking toward Granite Mountain

Arizona’s Monsoons are something to be seen.  Incredibly powerful storms, amazing cloud builds every afternoon, and the skies afterward are completely enchanting.  Throughout the entire state, the monsoon season leaves many people in awe.  And when it comes to scenes from the 2017 monsoon season, Watson Lake and Willow Lake in Prescott Arizona’s Granite Dells offered a lot to visitors and residents alike.  The 2017 monsoon season, which isn’t quite finished as of this writing, has offered up so many dramatic late afternoon and evening skies!

Monsoon Photography in The Granite Dells Watson Lake Willow Lake

No filters or edits on this photo. The rain line was truly lit up by the sun and clouds!

2017 Monsoon season has been spectacular.  Afternoon cloud builds have been incredibly scenic across the greater Prescott area.  The afternoon storms build off in the distance sometimes toward Granite Basin.  Other times the storms just begin building right over the downtown area.  All you have to do is look up to see where the next scenic storm is building.

Outdoor Photographers Delight!

While you might be coming to the area to enjoy some of the many amazing recreational opportunities, don’t forget to bring your camera along.  While off riding along the Circle Trail, or running through the Prescott National Forest, the scenes are ever changing.  And when it comes to the 2017 season, the skies have been as amazing as the recreational opportunities here.

The Granite Dells offer some wide open views from the tops of the granite boulders and cliffs.  And as the monsoonal storms develop there’s nowhere better to photograph the storm builds than Watson and Willow Lakes.  Of course, if you’re out photographing the cloud builds and the storms fury, be sure to be safe.  These storms come with heavy winds, plenty of thunder, and of course some extreme lightening!  Always keep safety in mind when attempting to photography these storms!

Even if you don’t make it into the Granite Dells for a monsoon burst, you can be treated to some amazing skies throughout the greater Prescott area.  With monsoon season wrapping up for 2017, you can look forward to the 2018 season and prepare now for the shots you’re looking to get next year.  Keep up to date with Explore Prescott and follow along with our trail reports and stories to learn about locations around town that would be great for capturing your own monsoonal images!

Sunrise Monsoon Cloud Build from Point of Rocks RV Campground

The morning of September 12th 2017 offered some amazing cloud builds as well.


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