Journeys in Spirit – ‘Tis Gallery’s 12th Annual Native Art Exhibit (a Virtual Tour)

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We were recently welcomed back to the ‘Tis Art Gallery to create a Virtual Tour of their latest show Journeys in Spirit: Traditional and Contemporary Native Art.  This is the show’s 12th year and features a variety of Native artists and their mediums such as painting, ceramics, beadwork, textiles/weaving, jewelry making/silversmithing, and more… The show runs from May 21 – June 22(2021).  Read much more about it on the ‘Tis Gallery website.

You’ll notice when you open the tour there are a few new buttons than just the navigation circles.  This is the first time we’ve included audio bites/sound clips through some of the tour.  These are all from artists who have work displayed in Journeys in Spirit.  Don’t worry the audio and video will not play unless you click on it.

It was very neat getting to explore and then photograph an new show/gallery setup before it opens to the public.  Obviously we were there to work but it felt like a private viewing.  The more we figured out our angles and where to place the tripod, the more artwork we wanted to include.  We captured as much as we could without going overboard. While you can see a lot of the pieces through the tour, the only way to truly view it is in person.

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  1. Your site is a MUST for professional tour directors! Great insight and valuable guidance for learning about the destination.

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